self confidence is the best outfit

... self confidence is the best outfit ...


Show your unique spirit!

You can get self-confidence by wearing a good style. I have experienced it by myself!

So, become strong, invest in your self-development, do something good for the environment, for our one and only world and get your favorite things right in our passionate, fine second hand shop. 

Your outfit will always be a statement. You decide by yourself who you want to be.

Fashion is art. And art is life.

Always be proud of who you are.


In this category I present you some streetwear-outfits and I show you some of my fancy ideas.

These outfits will be an enrichment for anybody who is looking for quick and perfect dressing. It saves a lot of time and wearing a carefully compiled outfit will make you feel fine and comfortable. 

We have a range of different styles and sizes, and in the future it is our aim to offer you the perfect outfit for every occasion and day. 


 These items are made out of fabrics from garments wich were unusable anymore or nobody wanted to wear anymore.

It would be a pitty if all these fabrics would been thrown away, so I decided to make something new out of it or to pimp them up.. like 'customizing' or 'individualizing'. 


After this process the fabrics have been transformed into new, unique and matchless clothes.




Beaux Chouchous is a young second hand label, wich offers outfits and handmade items.

Our aim is it to make a change.  


We bring you a change, 

through wich we simplify your everyday life by providing new outfits perfect for you, through wich you can reinvent and rediscover your own style and fashion appreciation. Grow yourself new confidence and open up for exciting fashion experiences.


And a change for the environment.

The more you become aware of the fashion industry, even more you become conscious of the side effects of mass production, exploitation of labour force and negative impact to the environment.

Fashion indeed is something beautiful and extraordinarry, filling our hearts with joy and excitement, but it should not bring together so many negative elements.

We give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh fashion without additional impact to the environment.

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In our history, there have been so many  brilliant ideas how to wear and combine clothes, so why shouldn't we reuse these pieces for other fashion-addicted people like you and us?!

Let´s be honest. We are all just  humans who want to show the best of us. So let us be confident and fair.

We are proud to use fashion to make the world a better place, not to spoil it.

For us, second hand is equal to other fashion. And in a funny way old clothes have more meaning for us, because they have a unique history. 



Beaux Chouchous is for fashion addicts, environmentalists and anybody else who wants to change something in our world.

It is not just our aim to improve environmental awareness of people or to form opinions about ethical and environmental matters, we also want to give some inspiration and happy vibes with our outfits and designs.

What We Offer


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upcycled items

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For us, it will be a honor to see you presenting yourself in clothes from beaux chouchous!

Share your look with us by tagging us on Instagram (@beauxchouchous) or by sending us a photo per dm or e-mail.

We would be super happy to share your look on our site.




We would be really happy to hear from you if you

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have some interesting information wich suits our content or

just want to tell us what you are standing for. 

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